Dolphin Watching,Diving & Coral Watching in Kalpitiya (Ocean Lanka Info)

We are OceanLankaInfo, Arranging water related activities at Kalpitiya (Kandakuliya) Such as
– Dolphin Watching
Tours done by trained boat rider and a guide. Safety jackets will be provided.
– Diving & Snorkeling
Diving and snorkeling tours are done by Licensed trainers
– Boat Tours
There are lot of tiny islands and some historical places are there in Kalpitiya, We arrange boat tours to visit along popular islands (Gangai vadi,  Mangrove Cave, Muhathuvaram, Etc) . On the way through the islands you can enjoy bird watching, Sea creatures and beautiful nature.
– Kite Tours
We arrange boats to popular kite surfing islands in Kalpitiya
Contact (Booking) - +9471-0822231  /

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